Which is Best – Node.Js or PHP?

Before analysing the platforms to choose the best one, we need to understand the fact that, PHP was first introduced in the year 1995 and is considered as a mature platform for server-side development. Meanwhile Node.Js is relatively young as it was traced in 2009; but we need to accept that it is none the worse.

Apart from the year of launch, we also have to consider the fact that Node.Js is a JavaScript based platform that uses V8 JavaScript engine. On the other side, PHP is a programming language. Both the platforms are being highly utilized by number of web developers.

Here we have discussed the two main aspects that provide you a brief insight about the platforms.


  • As we all know, PHP makes use of interpreted compilation strategy which is not that great. The strategy paves way for the worse code optimization when compared to the approach followed by other platforms. But Node.Js prefers using JIT compilation which attracts lots of developers even if it increases the start-up time.
  • But there are a few ways to enhance the performance of PHP. On applying OPcaching, whose main concept is to store bytecode of precompiled scripts, you can easily eliminate the need to perform script loading and parse process on every request. Though we can’t assure that it performs as good as the JIT compiler, it can definitely be a good tip for you to optimize the compilation if you are a PHP developer.


  • Both PHP and Node.Js take separate ways when it comes to multi-tasking as they both utilize different strategies. PHP offers blocking process which lets you perform several processes concurrently, but Node.Js serves just the non-blocking event loop which is exactly opposite to that of PHP.
  • When you are using PHP, you may face problems like “timing out” pop ups. But you don’t have to get pre occupied as there are a few web servers like Nginx and Apache that can help you.

But where does PHP stand out?

  • When we are talking about the advantages of PHP, the first thing we need to talk about is its simplicity. For instance, just imagine that you have to mix your code with the content; instead of using the programming language, you can just make use of the PHP tags without even thinking about the templates, diverse architectures or any extra files.
  • As already said, PHP was introduced back in1995 and it’s in use for more than 20 years. You can just imagine how the platform is spread around the internet from 20 long years. The platform also offers lots of manuals and tutorials that disclose some problematic situation resolution

Having read the features of both the platforms, you will now be able to choose the one that is best.

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