In-house Apps Enhance Employee Productivity

24 November 2014

Dubai: In-house application is the term used to describe an app or software which a business would use to aid the organization in interpreting enterprise problems. In-house applications are typically designed keeping employees in mind which helps them to manage their task better and be more productive.These apps are deployed across a wide variety of networks (like Internet, Intranet and corporate networks) which helps in meeting the strict requirements for administration management.

The workflow in any environment is always fast paced, whether it may be a large organisation or a small enterprise. Mobile apps focused on the needs of an employee are more likely to build a fluid workflow which helps them to attain the intended result easily. There is literally nothing that cannot be done by a business for its employees with respect to mobile app functionalities. The features of an in-house application should rely on the input of employees as there are chances for an old application to be improved using employee’s feedback.

Below listed are few features that in-house apps could incorporate:

  • Timesheets
  • Project management
  • Meeting notifications
  • Document access on-the go
  • Instant presentations
  • Notifications on any trainings and events
  • Remote video conferencing
  • Tracking features
  • Scheduling
  • Deliveries and more.

These in-house apps institute great benefits, as they organise business processes enabling healthy data collection and analysis. For that to happen in a better way, the information has to be manually shared across different applications (In-house app integration).

Advantages of In-house app integration:

  1. Sharing information: In-house apps enable seamless flow of information between different software programs within and outside the company. This can reinforce data collection efforts by eliminating the redundancies of applications collecting and storing data for its own purposes.
  2. Process automation: In-house applications are able to streamline the processes including any data or activity from multiple software applications. For instance, data from a CRM can be consolidated with an e-mail marketing platform to deliver intended messages to customers.
  3. Reduced complexity: Most of the enterprise-level companies find it hard to use new technology effectually as the learning curve is steep. In-house app integration overrides these barriers to smoothen the business process by combining the information and functionality of different applications into a singleinterface.
  4. Increased agility: It enables organizations to cognize and respond to opportunities more quickly. In-house applications help companies to address shifts in the market, supply chain disruptions, reputation management issues and more all within a single interface.

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