How Social Media Can Help Get Going Your SEO

2 July 2013


Dubai: If you have exhausted any time listening to Google’s Matt Cutts you would think his general culture of writing some good content and getting it linked to sounds so simple.

In fact, if you play by Google Webmasters Guidelines to the letter of the law, then you will possibly find

In practice, if you play by the Google Webmasters Guidelines to the letter of the law, then you will probably find that it does not get you anywhere fast and you give up and start to take short-cuts. This is where social media comes in and can help you out get those much required ‘earned links.’

Earned Links

Earned links are the most precious – these are natural links from third parties who feel that your content provides value, is helpful and significant.

Gaining earned links is not simple when you are starting out as it is not simple to get your content creation efforts under the noses of those who might be eager to link to you. In the early days of a website, when you do not have much of a direct audience on your own site, you need to leverage social media to get the ‘marketing flywheel’ spinning. One of the best ways to get things happening is to employ social media to endorse your content.

So, let’s say you have spent a day crafting a really exciting blog which possibly includes an infographic. If you were to just pursue the Google school of thought that would be all you would do and would abide by their set of rules. However, unless your site was set up and had traffic you would likely find that your efforts might not get picked-up or produce much in the way of links.

However, if you have spent some time building up a Twitter, Google+ and Facebook following, you have something to share with your audience here. Provided you are engaging with the correct people and in the right way, you will soon find that people are sharing and linking to your content. Also, the better quality and longer-form content you produce, the more likely people will link to it and share it. Plus, another great thing about long-form content is that people will usually spend more time on the site which is a measurement Google considers when determining relevance.

So, some quick points for you:

  • Invest in creating the top quality and ideally long-form content – this makes it more linkable and shareable, and also keeps users on your site for longer!
  • Building a social audience costs nothing but your time and can help you get those important earned links, so don’t be afraid to use some time here as it will help with your SEO efforts until your site becomes established.
  • Make sure your content is easily shareable, think about title lengths, where your sharing buttons are and which ones are likely to be relevant to your audience and market.
  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach-out via social media and ask people to share your content – provided it is helpful and relevant, most people will be contented to help if you do it the right way.

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