Genymotion: A Highly Advanced Android Emulator

18 December 2014

Dubai: If you are into Android application development and are using the default emulator, you will have certainly experienced the frustrating slow performance of the emulator. The default emulator is not only slow in booting up, but also on all the successive runs of your application. An efficient solution for this was the development of AndroVM which provided a virtual machine client for VirtualBox. This ensued as a remarkably faster emulator than the default one. Later, AndroVM was bought by Genymobile and they released Genymotion which was the improved version of AndroVM.

Genymotion is an easy-to-use Android emulator which lets you build and test great Android applications. It offers you with 20 pre-configured devices and also allows you to create your own devices.

Main features of Genymotion emulator:

  1. Fast: If you are in hurry and you need to test your app on all major devices in the market, Genymotion lets you do it with just three clicks, and your device will be ready to use.
  2. Simple: Genymotion is easy to install, easy to run and it comes with a user-friendly interface. It integrates seamlessly into your development environment.
  3. Powerful: Genymotion has powerful sensors which let you test the features on your app with much ease.
  4. Resizable windows: It is capable of displaying several windows at the same time by resizing them on your desktop. You can also toggle between full screen and the resized window.

The Genymotion emulator makes use of x86 architecture virtualization and OpenGL hardware acceleration which makes your apps run more efficiently. It creates a virtual machine using VirtualBox and enables the support for hardware sensors like accelerometer, GPS and battery. It is available for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.

In order to download Genymotion, you need to create an account in Genymotion website. Then you can login and download the installer to your system. You need to first install an Oracle VirtualBox if you want it on your Mac and Linux machine. You must be sure that the VirtualBox networking is enabled before installing VirtualBox.

Easy steps to use Genymotion emulator:

  1. After installing Genymotion, launch the app to open the main window of Genymotion where you can see a list of virtual devices.
  2. You can also view options for adding new devices and for setting up configuration.
  3. If it is your first install, you will not be having any device list.
  4. To add a new device, just click on the ‘Add’ button. You will be asked to log in, where you can add the available virtual devices.  Select the device you need and click next.
  5. The selected virtual device will be downloaded and once the download is complete, the device will be listed in the main window of Genymotion.
  6. Click on start to launch the device. Make a note of the time it takes to boot up and compare it with the default emulator.

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