Exciting Journey of Mobile Phones from First Generation to Third Generation

28 September 2015

Dubai: Long back, when mobile phones emerged, they came out as the devices to fulfil the needs of the users who keep moving all the time. It was initially installed on vehicles and was named as ‘transportable’. It could have been used as a mobile or a portable two way radio. Back in 1940s, Motorola developed a two way radio in the rucksack and it was regarded as one of the first mobiles; this is how the generation of mobile phones was started.

First Generation Phones

  • Mobile phones started to gain a huge popularity in 1980s with the introduction of cell phones which were based on the cellular networks. The very first handheld mobile phone to be released in US market was Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.
  • The first generation mobile phones were very much larger when compared to today’s phones as they were designed to be installed on vehicles. These large chunks were later converted to be used as transportable phones.

Second Generation Phones

  • Later in nineties came the second generation mobile phones which are also called as 2G mobile phones. These 2G mobile systems had lots of differences from the first generation phones with respect to digital circuit usage and the network signals. Second generation saw the telephones moving from large chunks to small hand held devices which were much more portable. This was made possible because of the advanced batteries and efficient electronics.
  • The second generation mobile phones had number of advantages over first generations mobile systems. It brought users the SMS messaging service which was initially possible on GSM networks but eventually spread across all the networks. The first person-to-person message was sent in 1993 in Finland. Later, SMS messaging became the popular mode of communication and people started sending messages instead of voice calls.

Third Generation Phones

  • After the incredible success of 2G mobile technology, mobile manufacturers decided to take the technology forward and third generation mobile phone is the result of that. The 3G mobile technology has enabled network operators to provide wide range of advanced services which includes broadband internet and hi-tech video calls. Despite of the massive success of 3G technology, there are several complaints about it like the cost of 3G phones, high power usage and network connectivity.
  • Ever since the launch of 3G mobile phones, people have been discussing on 4G technology and the way it would affect the future of mobile phones. The next development in mobile technology is probably the live streaming of radio and television shows on 3G handsets.

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