Drupal Incorporation with Native Android and iOS Apps

11 July 2014

Dubai: A native Drupal 8 software development kit has been introduced in a Drupal Conference in Austin, TX held recently. This SDK focuses on making it simpler for developers to handle the communication between a native mobile app and a Drupal website. The SDK is presently obtainable only for Android and iOS, while the Windows Phone version ought to come shortly.

The SDK can handle the following tasks:

  • Obtain data from the CMS promptly without instant setup of HTTP client, parsers and data storage.
  • Manage CMS data via simple API calls (add/edit/delete).

Other features are:

  • Clear data caching to support offline mode.
  • Automatic background data updating based on the configuration.
  • Background image downloading.

The SDK is obtainable on github under the MIT license.

A preexisting substitute to this SDK, although only accessible for the iOS podium, is the Drupal iOS Software Development Kit.

This SDK offers a layer of abstraction over networking framework AFNetworking for working with Drupal nodes, files, users, and views. In addition to supporting a RESTful view of Drupal entities, developers can also dynamically alter the content you create from your app via configuration on your Drupal site. You can rearrange your forms as you do with the regular forms API.

Developing a native mobile app offers advantages that web applications do not have, i.e., distribution through mobile app stores and access to native functionality.

In addition, as noted in Drupal community blog, Drupal can be employed as the backend for mobile application development and host user content, user management, business logic, and search functionality. The accessibility of a native SDK can make it simpler to create apps as front end that speak to a Drupal backend.

Drupal is employed as a back-end framework for no less than 2.1% of all website globally.

If you have any requirement or query in Drupal CMS development, Android apps or iOS apps, feel free to contact us. We promise to get back to you in no time.

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