Design and Development Are Not Two Different Disciplines Anymore

22 May 2015

Dubai: With the continuous evolution of web, the divisions between traditional web design and the development is shifting continuously. The ‘learn to code’ movement is gaining a great force among the designers. As we can see, both design and development are fragmenting into more specialized disciplines.

These days, there is almost no such role called a web designer. It’s visual designer, UI designer or something entirely different. Same thing with the word ‘developer’; there are many developers like backend, frontend, iOS/Android developer or something else. The titles have become more specific and the skillsets are expected to be broad.             

Designers to code and developers to design!

Even if the developers start to learn designing and the designers begin to code, neither of them would want to give up the discipline they love the most. Even if they want to learn coding or designing, what would they design or what would they code? Both design and development have their unique dependencies; so you will have to juggle with completely different set of balls. A developer or a designer who starts to learn other discipline will often be confused on where to start from.  

How it was before?

It was certainly an exciting time when the designers started to learn coding. It was so   overwhelming and it was about to become a norm. But the expectations were pretty clear that ‘learn to code’ meant HTML and CSS. Similarly designing was restricted to the Adobe suite and trying with flat comps of the website designs. There was a firm line between the disciplines which is no longer the case.       

How it is now?

The things have been changed a lot now and the concept of learning is also shifting. Along with the CSS 4 specification that offers greater control, a host of resources are popping out and this is encouraging designers to learn coding. Also, design is not just about bringing a static web page design to life; there are courses for iOS development and prototyping. Few companies also offer guides on how to get started with development.    

The pressure of learning the other discipline is not surprising and it is avoidable too. In order to make sure that what you have learnt will be useful, just ask yourself that why ‘learnt to code’ movement existed. It exists to stimulate the communication between two different departments while making the process of creating a product smoother. So instead of focusing on understanding the mechanics behind, focus on building your soft skills and it will be certainly helpful for you.

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