Are You An Area Business Reliant on A Responsive Website?

9 July 2013


Dubai: Here is the list of 15 Drupal features vital for small businesses:

  1. It is the tool that professionals use.
  2. Offers you tremendous SEO out-of-the-box which means FREE search engine marketing.
  3. You gain from development that does not come out of your own budget.
  4. Has a very secure application framework.
  5. Easy to get a safe, advanced and robust eCommerce website.
  6. Easy to write and publish new content with no require for technical knowledge.
  7. No proprietary licensing fees or exclusive maintenance contracts.
  8. Has a great support community, with very active forums.
  9. Has amazing project leaders.                
  10. High-end web technologies PHP, AJAX, JQuery, MySQL, W3C-standard XHTML and CSS.
  11. Is continually improving, with regular new releases and active development.
  12. For around a $1000 for a basic 5-page site (plus hosting and domain registration) you can get an equivalent web site and blog for what you would pay a web programmer for $3000 – $6000.
  13. No limit in design and feature customization.
  14. Access to large Drupal community of contributors to assist with design, programming, training or consulting.
  15. Award Winning – Packt Open Source CMS Awards (2009).

Drupal comes with tons of functionalities built-in, offering you a great value right from the beginning. Employing available Drupal modules, a Drupal site’s functionality can be tailored to include:

  • Video integration
  • Polls
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • eCommerce
  • Books/Articles
  • Photo galleries
  • Event calendars/registration
  • Social bookmarking
  • Member profiles

Cutting expenses in a weak economy

As the global financial system goes bad and small business cut expenses, Drupal CMS could help in making your business profitable and productive. To function at existing business levels with fewer people and resources you require automating many of the manual tasks.

This is one of the reasons why Drupal looks good mainly for small businesses and organizations. If you have insufficient money to spend on employees and other resources, it is the ideal time to use this free open source CMS site that will boost automation and profitability in the near future. Following are some solutions that can be created using Drupal:

  1. CMS websites
  2. E-commerce solutions
  3. Personal sites
  4. Real Estate websites
  5. Events websites
  6. Social Networking
  7. Media oriented websites      
  8. Job portals 
  9. Blogging sites
  10. Dating websites
  11. Research & Publishing Websites
  12. Sports related websites
  13. Medical websites
  14. Law firm websites

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