10 Cool Mobile Apps to Enhance Customer Loyalty

22 August 2014

Dubai: Value-seeking patrons want to be pleased for their rewarded for their honesty to your business. But they don’t want to mess their wallets with paper punch-cards or carry dozens of plastic rewards cards on their keychains. It’s time to upgrade to digital loyalty rewards programs that apply present day’s omnipresent mobile devices. They not only accolade your customers – they also allow you to collect priceless data about your shopper’s purchases, preferences and habits.

Below are the 10 most popular apps:

1. LoyalBlocks: This app also automatically gives rewards and offers to patrons just for walking into your store. Businesses register online, employ an Android tablet or mobile phone as a “base nation,” download the Business App, and tailor the rewards for their clients. Once those patrons download the app to their mobile devices, the LoyalBlocks system automatically realizes them, punches their mobile punch-cards and grants them customized rewards each time they come in the door.

2. Perka: When clients with the Perka app register at your business, you, “punch” a virtual loyalty card through their phone from your Perka Merchant app. Perka explains you their names and position so you can welcome them by name. There is even private customer response so you can handle complaints prior to getting aired on social media. Speaking of social media, Perka allows customers post check-ins and purchases to their social media accounts to spread the word about your business. And you can employ your data about purchases to push tailored endorsements to each client.

3. Shopkick Local: This location-based app provides shoppers rewards just for walking into stores and is employed by key retailers including Best Buy, Target and Macy’s. Now Shopkick is adding up small autonomous retailers to its retail program in selected markets, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Detroit, Chicago, the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC, New Orleans and Seattle.

4.Spendgo: With this app, businesses grant points for customer purchases while clients obtain rewards when they attain a set spending threshold. It’s simple for clients to track their rewards progress either online, or on their mobile devices. Spendgo offers you a tablet where customers enter their phone numbers at the point of sale. Or if they are away from POS, customers can scan a QR code on their paper receipts with their iPhones to win points back.

5. Belly: The swiftly growing Belly loyalty network offers your business with an iPad that you employ to follow customer visits. You can examine client’s plastic loyalty cards or they can utilize Passbook on their mobile phones to save their data. Belly incorporates with email and social media so you can extend the words about your rewards program. You can also tailor special offers and rewards, obtain data about your clients and send them aimed emails based on their actions.

6. Swipely: Swipely unite payment tools with loyalty rewards in a trouble-free fashion. There is no requirement of downloading, customers simply sign up by text message to yield cash-back rewards each time they use their credit or debit cards at your business. Swipely works with any point-of-sale system and you don’t require new equipment. Besides, to offering loyalty rewards, Swipely gives useful insights by giving analytics for customer spending patterns. It also offers a tailored marketing program for customer outreach including mobile marketing, direct marketing, social media marketing and more.

7. Punchcard: Patrons download the free Punchcard app, get a photo of their receipt and tag your business to acquire a punch. The more punches, the more rewards they make. Not like most programs, rewards are placed and handled by Punchcard and take in things like free movie tickts, gift cards or iPads. Punchcard also gives a range of marketing features, with the capability to find and message close by shoppers to attract them into your business, build tailored offers or send restricted time offers.

8. SpotOn: SpotOn gives your business a tablet that serves as your dashboard for following analytics, customer check-ins and rewards. Clients download the free SpotOn app or get a SpotOn card, then look into the app or card to get and use rewards and perks. Customers make additional rewards by sharing on social media, cheering them to spread the word about your business. You can build social, mobile and email marketing drive, determine results and handle your drive from everywhere with the tablet dashboard.

9. Foursquare: The granddaddy of location-based rewards programs, Foursquare’s spotlight is on social media. Visit Foursquare to claim or include your business listing and revise it to get access to free analytics and tools. When customers who employ Foursquare sign in to your business or seek deals and rewards, they notice your updates and offers. You can set up specials to lure new clients or offer rewards to regular customers, top-spending customers and more. Make use of the free analytics tools to study more about your clients and customize your rewards.

10. LevelUp: Similar to Swipely, LevelUp unites payment with loyalty. Clients download a free app to shell out with their Android or iPhone. The advantage to merchants is that there are zero payment processing fees. LevelUp gives loyalty campaigns that enable you to draw new customers with one-time incentives, and reward devoted customers with tailored incentives when they use a chosen amount. The rewards don’t end with the customers: LevelUp offers businesses rebates for every new user who makes an acquisition, and rewards employees for every customer they lure to join the program.

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