7 Tips to Strengthen the Security of Your Magento Ecommerce Store

Magento is booming out as the powerful ecommerce platform because of its outstanding features. The market share of Magento is reported to be 27% which says that Magento the leading and in-demand ecommerce platform. Though the platform comes with in-built security features to safeguard your website, you can make your ecommerce site even more secure by considering some tips and security measures.

Here are a few security measures you can consider to protect your ecommerce site:

  1. Upgrade your site to the latest version of Magento: Being the most popular ecommerce platform, Magento makes certain improvements and fixes some bugs with the release of every new version. So always keep your site updated with the latest version of Magento as it comes with better security.
  2. Choose intricate username and password: Usernames and passwords are the most common things that the hackers try to target. Try to have some complex usernames and passwords that are less obvious. It is always good use a password having lower cases, upper cases, numbers and special characters. Don’t ever use a sequence of numbers (123456), or your date of birth as the password.
  3. Have unique passwords for all your accounts: The common mistake made by most of the entrepreneurs is they keep the same passwords for all their accounts for the ease of remembering easily. This could be a great hint for hackers and it might increase the possibility of your site getting hacked. So avoid using same password for multiple accounts. 
  4. Keep changing the passwords at regular intervals: Don’t stick to the same password for a longer time. The admin has to keep changing the passwords for every three months at least. So even if your previous passwords are hacked, you will be safe when you change your password. 
  5. Restrict access to unsecured FTP: In order to make your ecommerce site more secure, restrict the access to unsecured FTP using httpd.conf and .htaccess files.
  6. Don’t assign file permissions to 777 all the time: Change the file permission value after making the changes. Never keep the permissions of the crucial files to 777 even after performing the changes. 777 permission means giving permission to read, write and execute a file.
  7. Have a backup of your site on regular basis: Have a backup of your site on a regular basis to tighten the security. Make use of an active backup plan to ensure that the services will not be obstructed even if the site gets hacked.

Though Magento itself is a secure ecommerce web development platform, the above mentioned tips help you make your website more secured.    

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