7 Noteworthy Predictions on WordPress Web Development in 2015

Every year we can see one or the other change in the technology as innovation has no end. This year too we can expect a lot of technical improvements; WordPress design trend is one of the hot topics when it comes to technical up-gradation. So, most of the users are curious about the development trends which are expected to happen in 2015.  

Here are a few WordPress development trends we can expect in 2015:

  1. The responsive design: The best feature of responsive design which makes it stand out of the box is that, the design can adapt to any screen size. So the design can be used on any monitors or mobile screens. One may not accept it as a new trend; but it is certainly a new standard for any upcoming website.
  2. The flat design: The complete credit of implementing this design on the Windows phone featuring version 8.0 must be given to Microsoft. Recently, Gmail and other Google applications have started using this style of design. The utilitarian style is what that makes the flat design perfectly suitable for WordPress themes. So, it’s one of the classic styles users would look forward in 2015.
  3. Scrolling over clicking: The web design and development trends in 2015 are very much mobile oriented because of the drastic increase in the usage of mobile devices. Mobile users usually don’t like clicking much, they rather like to scroll. Scrolling method is making wonders because single screen websites would work more efficiently by scrolling. RI Leo and RI charity are the latest WordPress themes which support single page websites.
  4. HTML5, CSS3 and cross browser support: Fed up of your uploading speed and want to speed it up? You can expect the usage of HTML5, CSS3 features on your desktops in this year. HTML5 and CSS3 are the design styles preferred by most of the WordPress developers because it provides them the brilliant uploading speed.
  5. Focus on typography: As there are abundant type kits available these days, experts predict that the developers are very keen on including their typographic skills along with the design styles. This unique way assists even the economically broken developers to be much more efficient than the financially stable developers.
  6. Full width background images: Today the running trend is uploading the catchy and high definition pictures into the websites. This gains the attention of the audience. This is expected to be used on the upcoming WordPress themes to fetch the attention to the website.
  7. Full-screen video background: Similar to the point mentioned above, if just a high definition still image can get you the audience attention, moving pictures could definitely do a lot more than that. This looks like the best of all the design trends which would be used extensively in 2015.

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