5 Most Common Design Mistakes That Make Website A Disaster

Having a well-designed website has not remained as an option for the businesses anymore; in fact, it has become a requisite for them to thrive in their field.

A website can help you become a frontrunner in the field if it’s designed properly keeping in mind the prospects of web design and development. But if it goes into the hands of an amateur, your website will be a disaster which greatly affects your business. 

What are those common design mistakes that make website a disaster?

Here we have brought to you the 5 most common web design mistakes one has to avoid.

1. Clutter and Inconsistent Design

Consistency is the one of the most important things you’ll have to keep in mind while designing a website. A consistent website offers clear navigation to the user which greatly improves their experience on the site.

Many designers these days focus more on fancy design bringing in sudden changes in the colour scheme, content layout and the side bar position, making it really difficult to use. But a recent survey made on the website usability says that, about 76% of the users prefer usability over fancy design.

Of course, the website should be fancy, but a designer should never forget what the website is intended to do. Keep it simple, clutter-free and consistent because even the super fancy website fails to do well if it’s not user friendly.

2. Uninterrupted Text Blocks

One of the reasons why websites fail to impress users is because of its unpleasant content layout. What attracts users the most is a beautiful site layout with appropriate content division, smaller paragraphs, and smart usage of headings, different fonts, colours and images.

You need to understand that website is not a book, and it should have certain breaks at appropriate places. Lengthy paragraphs on a website make it look very clumsy giving an odd look while also making it difficult for the users to read.

Even if you have something great to tell, users never bother to read it out if it is organized in a graceless manner.

3. Abundant Usage of Animation

Though it’s nice to have some eye-catching animations and graphics on your website, you should also be aware that it affects the performance of your website.

Excessive usage of JavaScript animations and other technology gimmicks can slow down your site to a great extent, and the users might not even see your fancy animations as they won’t stay on your website if it takes too long to load.

Always treat the performance of website as a part of design, as web design is not just about look and feel of a website, but also about usability. Use animations where it’s absolutely necessary and make sure that it doesn’t affect the loading speed of your website.

4. Not Considering Responsiveness

With mobile devices being extensively used these days, responsiveness has become a highly significant factor to be considered while designing a website. A recent survey says that almost one third of the world population owns a smartphone today and the number of users accessing internet through smartphones is also increasing.

This being the case, it’s really a high time for you to think about making your website responsive. Especially if you’re using Wordpress, you can give no excuse for the site not being responsive, as there are numerous responsive themes available to choose from. Choose one and make your site look good on all devices.

5. Bad Call to Action

A bad call-to-action can send back the customers who’s already made their mind to click the submit button on your contact form.

All the websites will have a purpose, and you should effectively communicate what your purpose is. It should be simple, easy to understand and should clearly communicate what would you like your audience to do and what would they get in return.

If you’re regretting for any of these mistakes on your website, it’s not too late to consider it for redesigning. And, if you’re planning to have a new website for your business, make sure you consider these points, or just contact us.

We at Fortune Innovations Dubai have highly experienced web designers and developers who are updated with latest design trends and technologies. They thoroughly understand your requirements, consider all the prospects and help you design an excellent website. Get in touch with us for any web design and development requirements.  

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